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The Buzz Coach offers specialist ways to handle stress management and relaxation.

He can help you with many ailments such as:

 Stress

 Depression

 Anxiety

 Insomnia

 Pain & Discomfort

 Grief

 Energy blockages

The main one that I work with is Reiki

Reiki practitioners work within a strict code of gentle and peaceful non-invasive therapy. With all the therapies you remain fully clothed, however for Indian head massage, perhaps wear a top with access to the top of your shoulders. Essential oils are optional and enhance the healing benefits of the massage.

Holistic therapies have been around for centuries. Reiki 霊気 is the ancient art of energy healing that originated in Japan back in the 1920’s. Founder Dr Mikao Usui brought this style of healing to the public domain after he had performed Isyu Guo, a twenty-one day Buddhist training course held on Mount Kuruma. During this time it is said that he fasted, meditated and prayed before he went back to the poor and needy on the streets of Tokyo.

It is a form of alternative medicine that is growing in popularity globally.

You are very welcome to arrange a free initial face to face or telephone consultation. Please ask as many questions as you like. All information is held in confidence.

Initially I took the first level attunement as a way to help manage my wife’s osteoarthritis pain. The technique I use is based on the traditional Japanese Reiki. I will transfer the Reiki energy by using an intuitive sense of where it is needed. I am at the 3rd level of Reiki healing (First/Second & Master) with lineage traced back to Dr Usui directly.

Peace and Light to you all.

Michael x